Diving in digestion towers

Control of digestion towers in operating state

Depending on the state of a digestion tower, after five to ten years dysfunctions appear through deposits of sand, sludge and blockings. The exhaust flow for sludge is threatened to be blocked by deposits, the incoming material builds up in the funnel which can lead to a damaging of the drain and rising pipes. Standstill and financial outage threaten to occur !

For the conventional draining of a digestion tower per hand four to six weeks are normally needed. The execution of this work requires the use of respiratory protection equipment with gasper supply.

Our industrial divers finish off the wet cleaning of digested sludge in three to 14 days, depending on the size of the digestion tower !

That means a vast reduction of working hours and the connected cost savings as well as savings for the not occuring business interruption.


Wet cleaning of digested sludge without business interruption

Our services:

  • removal of blockages
  • we determine the height of the deposits
  • we can loosen up compacted sludge deposits
  • we comminute old sludge and blockings and can suck them off
  • cleaning adhesions on concrete walls
  • determine concrete damages, examine concrete for cracks
  • ultrasonic testing of pipes, wall thickness measurement
  • control of the gas inlet
  • control of the right fitting of mounting parts (firmness of the mounting)

Advantages of the work of industrial divers

  • the diver in the old sludge is leading the suction hose (protection of the biological valuable fine sludge)
  • sludge supply and recirculation aren't interrupted!
  • no lowering of the operation temperature!
  • avoidance of tension cracks in the concrete by pressure changes!
  • building up a digestion tower biology over months is not applicable!

Diving in digestion towers: working in digestion towers during operation

Our divers accomplish their work in digestion towers. Dependable and in compliance with formalities. Get in contact with us. We are pleased to provide you advise personally and create an offer at no charge for working in digestion towers europewide.